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Implementing best pedagogical practices can be nearly impossible. We make it easy.
What's an adjective?
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Adjectives describe or modify nouns.
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Modify nouns

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What's wrong with punitive worksheets?

Punitive worksheets punish students for missing questions, lack immediate feedback, and promote massed practice. It's time for better assignments.

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Mastery-based reviews to guide student study sessions...

Most students don't know how to properly study, and those that do often don't know what to study. Our reviews walk students through your material in a manner proven to optimize knowledge retention.
What was unusual about the surrender of the British at Yorktown?
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The jump from learning coding concepts to applying them in projects can be steep. Our reviews support coding questions to supply students with a low-stakes environment to master fundamental concepts.
Write a function to multiply two input parameters, a_var and b_var.
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def product_of_two(a, b):  # Your code here!

Multiple-choice mastery quizzes to turn assessments into learning experiences.

Traditional assessments aim to scare students into studying. But not teach them. Our mastery quizzes provide immediate corrective feedback and re-quiz opportunities for students to lower stress, incentivize effort, and encourage learning.
What does MVVM stand for in iOS development?
  • A.
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  • D.

Lessons to organize your teaching resources.

Sharing static video clips or PowerPoint slides often leaves students without the necessary context to learn. Our lessons allow you to combine your teaching resources with text in an easy-to-digest format to bridge this gap.
Preterite vs. Imperfect Tenses in Spanish

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Gus Hahn-Powell
“As educators, comprehensive review is something we all want to provide, but it can be difficult to deliver. OpenClass makes it easy — far easier than any other tool I’ve used. Feedback from undergraduates and graduates was overwhelmingly positive. Unsolicited, students repeatedly reached out to let us know how useful they found the review and mastery activities.”
Gus Hahn-Powell
Assistant Professor - University of Arizona
Emily Carroll
“Every single week, students would spontaneously, unsolicited post in my discord channel ‘This OpenClass thing is great’, ‘I love this OpenClass thing’, ‘Can we have more OpenClass assignments?’ and if I haven’t prepared one for a week, there would be messages popping up after lecture, ‘Is there OpenClass this week?’, ‘When is it going to be available?’. My students had a great reaction to it.”
Emily Carroll
Assistant Professor - University of Arizona
Dianne Patterson
“I was very impressed by OpenClass. I was impressed by the aesthetic of the interface—it was very beautiful to look at. I was impressed with the statistics that I got out of it afterwards—I could quickly look and see who'd finished, when they'd finished, and drill down and see details of what students had done—that was fantastic. I think it's a fantastic tool, and I think it fills in a niche that nothing else we have fills in.”
Dianne Patterson
Research Scientist - University of Arizona
Diheng Zhang
“The interface is attractive, it's user-friendly, and the instruction is very, very clear. I basically just spent like half an hour or an hour trying to learn how to build a class and I was able to do it. One very interesting thing I noticed is that not too many students noticed that they leave D2L, so I think that speaks to how well OpenClass is integrated to the D2L system.”
Diheng Zhang
Graduate Researcher - University of Arizona

All with powerful metrics to help you better understand your class.

Our detailed metrics outline what your students do and don't understand, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your class.

Share 168澳洲幸运5计划轻快万位计划/官网开奖走势 peers... or use some of ours!

We're on a mission to improve and democratize education.

You can freely share your assignments through our platform, providing educators—and, by extension, learners—with access to the best learning resources in the world.

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We're happy to host your entire class. But if you already have a preferred LMS, we can plug right into it.

OpenClass is free for individual educators.

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